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Hello, I am teh Kiki Bluefire from a little land called Furcadia. Where I love to spend time to myself, while reading, singing, or drawing. But of course, I love to spend time with my friends! Who include Cookey, Delusional, Cazruzult, and Kel'Oren Daekar. All my best friends ever. Now, onto a little more about me... I believe I am a very nice furre. I enjoy talking to people, that is, if you have something interesting to talk about... I'm kind of old I suppose.. rangeing around the late 20's.. I don't really know... I've lost count, because, well, whats the point? I'm a ghost anyways.. People have called me an angel, but.. only because of my appearence, the fact that I'm dead, and I have wings of an angel. I'm truely not an angel.. but.. its lovely being called that ^_^ I find it flattering. Hm.. what else to talk about? Oh um... I am also taken! I don't really want to talk to much about it, because I keep that factor a little on the quiet side.. unless I'm talking to my friends, then I can just blab the day away talking about him.. hehe... Well, thats basically it... If you would like to get to know me, drop me a whisper, k? I always love to make new friends. Well! See around at Furcadia!


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